Downloading Assets

The download action allows you to download any number or type of assets, derivatives, or attribute data from your NetX instance to your local device. 

Downloading assets

If an asset is  checked out by another user, you cannot download that asset until it is checked back in.

The download action is used to initiate the file download process in a variety of contexts throughout the application.

Single asset

There are 3 ways to initiate a download for an individual asset:

  • Click the download button that accompanies an asset in all gallery views.
  • Click the download button on an asset's detail page
  • Right-click an asset while viewing a gallery and select Download from its context menu.


Multiple assets

Downloading a selection

To download multiple assets, make a selection and initiate the download action in one of two ways:

  • Click the Download button in the selection bar.
  • Right-click any asset thumbnails in your selection and choose Download from the context menu.


Downloading a folder, collection, or saved search

You can download all assets in a foldercollection, or saved search in two ways:

  • Load the assets into the gallery and click Download from the gallery action menu. 
  • Right-click a folder, collection, or saved search along the lefthand navigational sidebar and select Download. When downloading a folder using this method, you can choose to include any subfolders that contain assets by selecting Include subfolders when presented with download options. The folder structure will be preserved in the downloaded zip file.

When downloading multiple files with identical filenames (but different case), NetX will append a numerical suffix to avoid filename collisions on case-insensitive operating systems.


Download options

Download options allow you to decide what kind of files and data are included in the download. You can select as many options as you like, but these options may be limited or change depending on the type of assets you are downloading and your site configuration.

  1. The option to download the Original asset(s) is always available, regardless of selection or attribute type.
  2. Thumbnails and Previews are generated on upload for certain types of assets; if all of the assets you are downloading have these proxy files available, both of these options will appear. Thumbnails are sized at approximately 150x100 pixels, or 100x150 depending on the original asset's orientation. Previews are sized at 500 pixels along the longest side, with the shorter side varying depending on the original asset's aspect ratio. 
  3. Any asset view files attached to the asset(s) will appear here. If downloading multiple assets, this field only displays if all assets have at least one view in common, and only those common views appear in the Download options window. 
  4. If your administrator has configured any image presets, they appear as download options here. Video assets have preset options as well, allowing you to download videos in varying qualities and resolutions. 
  5. The PDF tab allows you to create a PDF with your asset download.
  6. The Attribute info tab presents the option to export attribute data. If attribute history is enabled, an option to export any attribute history for the assets is displayed. If metadata maps have been created, users have the option to embed attributes on download here as well.
  7. Exit the Download options window.
  8. Cancel closes the Download options window, Download begins the download process.

Download justification

If your NetX administrator has configured download justification, your downloads may be restricted. Attempting to download either the original or preset options for an affected asset will trigger a justification form. If download approval is not configured, your download will begin once you hit Continue

Download approval

In addition to justifying your download, an administrator may need to approve the action before you can download the assets. If this is the case, a message will appear indicating that you are waiting on administrator approval. Once your administrator has reviewed your download request, you will receive an email with a link to download any approved assets. 

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