PSD Layer Support

NetX and PSD files

When importing Photoshop documents, NetX generates its thumbnails from layer 0. In order to properly generate and display the contents of a Photoshop file as a thumbnail, all layers must be collapsed into a composite layer then inserted into layer 0 of the Photoshop document. If the file's layers are not collapsed into layer 0, the resulting thumbnail in NetX will appear blank.

If your site is integrated with Adobe InDesign Server (IDS), NetX will use it to properly generate thumbnails; no collapsing required.

Collapsing PSD layers in Photoshop

To automatically collapse all layers in your Photoshop documents, set the preference Maximize PSD and PSB file compatibility to Ask or Always. If this preference is set to Ask, Photoshop will ask if you would like to maximize this compatibility the first time you save a new document. If this preference is set to Always, Photoshop will maximize file capability automatically the first time you save a new document. 

  1. Use the Photoshop header and choose Preferences.
  2. Select the File handling tab. 
  3. Use the dropdown list and choose either Ask or Always, depending on your needs.

Maximizing PSD and PSB file compatibility will result in larger file sizes. 

Collapsing PSD layers and existing documents

If a Photoshop file is initially saved without this setting, such as a document received from a third party who did not avail themselves of this setting, you must perform a Save as action rather than simply saving the file – even if your personal preferences are set to Always


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