Video Clips

Video clips are segments created from video assets within the NetX application. These clips can be managed, searched, and catalogued with their own clip-specific attributes. To create and manage video clips, you must be at least a Producer.

Creating a video clip

  1. Navigate to a video's asset detail page.
  2. Click the Video clip tab. If you don't see this tab, check with your administrator to ensure that the video clips feature is enabled .
  3. Use the upper-left plus button to open the  video clip editor .

Video clip editor

  1. Clear any current clip settings and create a new clip.
  2. The Clips pane displays a list of existing clips. Use the trash button to delete the clip. Clicking any clip along this pane allows you to edit the selected clip. Hide the pane by clicking the arrow button at the top.
  3. Video player controls: Stop, which stops playback and resets the playhead to the beginning of the video and Play, which begins video playback. During playback, the play button also functions as Pause button. If your video has closed captioning, the CC button toggles closed captioning on and off.
  4. Additional video player controls: Snap to start, which snaps the clip segment's start time to the current playhead position, Snap to end, which snaps the clip segment's end time to the current playhead position, and Loop, which replays the video from the beginning of the clip once the playhead has reached the end.
  5. Clip start, Clip length, and Clip end mark the time stamps of your video clip's beginning and end, as well as its length.
  6. The video's timeline. The colored overlay represents the video clip being edited. Each end of the clip can be dragged across the timeline to set start and end times for your clip. The playhead marks your progress along the timeline as you watch the video. 
  7. Use the X button to close the video clip editor. Any current clip settings will not be retained if they have not been saved.
  8. Any custom attributes configured for use with video clips can be edited here. Shrink the attributes pane by clicking the right arrow button.
  9. The Save button saves your video clip and attribute data.

Once a clip has been saved, you must initiate a New clip action to continue creating more clips. Otherwise, further modifications or save actions will edit and overwrite the clip you have just created.  

Managing video clips

Existing video clips can be found in the Video clip tab found on an asset's detail page

Downloading video clips

To download a clip individually:

  1. Use the Download button that appears when hovering over a video clip's thumbnail.
  2. Choose a download option from a list of video quality presets.
  3. Click Download. button.

Editing video clips

Click the Pencil button that appears when hovering over a video clip's thumbnail. This opens the video clip editor. Note that any save action made in the editor while editing a video clip will overwrite the clip being edited.

Deleting video clips

Click the trash button that appears when hovering over a video clip's thumbnail while viewing the Video clips tab.

Customizing the video thumbnail

To replace an asset's thumbnail with a video clip thumbnail, click on the video clip thumbnail. To reset the asset to its original thumbnail, perform a resync action.

Versioning and video clips

Use caution while versioning or reimporting assets with video clips; if either action is performed on a video, all saved video clips will deleted.

Video clip search

When performing a video clip search, note that only video clips will be returned, not assets.

  1. Click the search bar menu and change the search type to Video clips.
  2. Type your search term; this search function will match on clip names and attribute values.
  3. Click Enter on your keyboard to search.
  4. Click on a search result to navigate directly to the video clip editor or download clips using the Download button hover action.
  5. To navigate to a clip's parent asset, right-click a clip and select Go to asset.

Advanced settings

Property Description

If this property's value is true, video clips will be enabled on your site. If this value is false, you will not see any video clip features including clip management, search, or attributes.

Value options: true / false

Requires restart? No

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