Excel and CSV Encoding

When you have issues uploading a .csv file into NetX you need to make sure the CSV file is saved with the current encoding (UTF-8). This is especially important for non-English characters. MS-Excel is known to save CSV files in different encoding standards, depending on the OS of the machine where it is installed. For this reason it is recommended to save Excel files as .xlsx for upload into NetX, or create a CSV using other programs that will ensure the file is set to the correct encoding. OpenOffice and Google Sheets are good alternatives.

Do not save Excel files as "CSV UTF-8 (Comma delimited) (*.csv)". Please choose "Excel workbook (*.xlsx)" when saving Excel files for upload into NetX.

Saving as UTF-8 with OpenOffice

  1. File -> Save As…
  2. File Type -> Choose Text CSV
  3. Character Set -> Choose “Unicode (UTF-8)”
  4. Field delimiter -> , (comma)

Saving as UTF-8 with Google Sheets

  1. Go to File –> Download As – and select CSV (notice that CSV format does not support multiple sheets in Excel).
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