Uploading Attribute Data

Attribute data can been edited in bulk using CSV or Excel (XLSX) data files. 

Uploading attribute data

Once you have a properly configured CSV or XLSX formatted file: 

  1. Use the Tools button; select Upload attribute data.
  2. Click the  Select file button and choose the CSV or XLSX file you wish to upload, or drag the file to the upload window.
  3. Once your file has been selected and appears in the window, click Upload.
  4. Once the file has finished uploading successfully, you will receive a notification.

You can now navigate to the affected assets and see their updated attributes. Refresh your browser to see the new data. 

This feature can only update attributes that already exist in the application. It cannot be used to create new attributes.

Google Sheets CSV Excel Attribute formatting

Google Sheets is a quick and easy way to edit attribute data before updating assets in NetX without having to manually configure a CSV file in a text editor or use Microsoft's Excel software. 

Google Sheets formatting

Before configuring your data file, you must know two things about the attributes you are updating: 

  • The exact name of each attribute you wish to update values for. This name is case sensitive.
  • The attribute's type. The type of attribute determines the formatting and type of values accepted by NetX for that attribute while configuring your data file.

Tip: simplify your file creation by exporting the attributes for the desired assets, then importing that file to Google Sheets. If the attribute Asset ID is exported at the top of your attribute list, it will be used as the first column and thus the key value when you re-upload the edited file. 

To properly format a Sheet before uploading it into NetX:

  • The first column header attribute must be assetId or file. This is how the uploaded attribute data is matched to the correct assets. Using assetId is highly recommended as any variation from the exact file value in NetX will cause the update to that asset to fail. Additionally, if there are multiple assets with identical file attribute values you may encounter unexpected results.
  • Each subsequent column header must correspond to the exact name of the attribute being updated including spelling, casing, or any special characters.
  • Under the header columns, each row should contain the values being applied to that row's asset, corresponding to the column header's attribute. These values must be formatted according to their respective attribute type.
  • Tag and multiselect attribute types accept multiple values, which must be separated by commas.  
  • Both CSV and XLSX file types are supported by NetX, meaning you can download your tab as either file format. If your Sheet contains multiple tabs, you must download your desired attribute value tab individually prior to upload.


If you are experiencing issues uploading your data file or with the subsequent attribute value changes, check that you:

  • Spelled all header attributes correctly including casing and any special characters or spaces.
  • Matched all pulldown, multiselect, and tag values options exactly including casing, characters, and spaces. This restriction may not apply to certain tag attributes which allow for dynamically adding attribute values; when in doubt, check with your site's administrator.
  • Attributes that accept multiple values are properly delimited by commas. 
  • Values corresponding to number type attributes are strictly numerical. Note there may be constraints on decimal values for a particular attribute; when in doubt, check with your site's administrator. 
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