Quick Edit Panel

The Quick edit panel is a pop-out interface found along the righthand side of the NetX gallery. This tool allows you to edit attribute data across many assets at once, based on your current selection .

Any changes made while using the quick edit panel will apply to all assets in the selection, and will overwrite any existing data. This applies both to writing new data as well as deleting an attribute's data. For more granular editing, use the grid editor tool. 

Using the quick edit panel

  1. Select the assets you would like to edit.
  2. Use the left-arrow button at the top of the righthand sidebar to open the quick edit panel. Note that if you open the quick edit panel but do not have an active selection, a message will appear directing you to create a selection.
  3. Choose either an attribute set or All attributes from the dropdown at the top of the panel. Only one option may be selected at a time. Note that toggling a new attribute set when new values have been entered into the current set will erase all unsaved changes. 
  4. Add values for each attribute based on its type ; use the trash can button next to an attribute to delete all pre-existing values for the entire selection of assets.
  5. When finished, click the Apply button.

Show values

By default, the quick edit panel displays any attribute values shared by the assets in the current selection, e.g. if all assets in the selection have a value of Glen Hooper for the attribute Artist Name, this value will appear in the attribute field when the quick edit panel is open.

  • For any attribute types that accept multiple values — namely multi-select and tag attributes — all values must match for any value to display.
  • If there is no common value between selected assets, a <multiple values message will appear in lieu of a value.
  • If an attribute doesn't contain any values across all selected assets, the input field will be empty.
  • These displayed values may be turned off; if disabled, every input will appear blank as though there were no values in your selection. 

To toggle between showing and hiding attribute values in the quick edit panel, click the eye button along the upper-right portion of the panel.

Toggling between showing and hiding values in a selection will erase any unsaved changes.

Append mode

When append mode is enabled, data can be added to existing values. To toggle append mode on and off, click the plus button in the upper-right corner of the panel. You cannot append date, number, or pulldown attribute types, but you can delete their values while in append mode. The following attribute types allow append:

  • Text/ Text area
  • Multi-select Box
  • Tag

For text/text area attributes, If Show values is enabled while appending text, and your selection doesn't contain <multiple values>, any text shown in the input field will be appended to the existing value. For example, let's say you have an existing value of  Glen Hooper, and you add the text Jr  so that the field now contains  Glen Hooper Jr . After you hit the Append button, your new value will be Glen Hooper Glen Hooper Jr. To avoid duplicating existing text values during append, clear them out of the field before you type in the text you wish to append. Alternatively, you can use append mode with Show values disabled, and the panel will only append the value you type into the field. 

Metadata lookups are not supported while using append mode. 

Turning append mode on and off will erase any unsaved changes. 

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