Upload Requests

Upload request forms are used to upload files into NetX. If you've been sent an upload request link, you can use it to upload files and apply values to any attribute fields available on the form. To learn how to create and manage requests, see creating an upload request

Uploading files

Assets uploaded via an upload request form may take up to ten minutes to arrive in their chosen NetX folder.

  1. Navigate to the upload request's URL.
  2. Add files by dragging them to the upload window from your local storage, or click the upper plus button to open a file picker to your local storage. Files can be removed using the x icon to the right of the queued file.
  3. Edit any of the available attributes. Note that some of these attributes may be mandatory, and you will not be able to upload your files without giving them a value.
  4. When finished, click Upload.

Editing attributes

Your request form may have a variety of fields under the upload queue, known as attributes. These attributes can be used to add descriptive data to assets as they are uploaded to NetX. These field types include:

  • Text: Text fields accept plain-text input.
  • Text Area: A text input field that displays a larger amount of text, such as a paragraph.
  • Number: Number fields only accept numerical values.
  • Date: A date field opens a calendar picker, allowing you to select a date value. Dates can also be entered in YYY-MM-DD format. 
  • Pulldown: A drop-down list that allows one selection.
  • Multi-select: A drop-down list that allows for multiple selections.
  • Tag: To add a tag value, begin typing into the input field; a drop-down list of matching values will appear as you type. If you are not sure what values are available, type "" (double quotes without a space) into the field to see a list of value suggestions. 

If you have any questions about the attributes presented or any of their values, contact one of NetX's site administrators or the individual who forwarded the upload request link. 

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