Upload Requests

Upload requests allow external users to upload files to NetX without a user account. This article explains how to upload files after receiving an upload request link. To learn how to create, manage, and send upload requests, see creating an upload request

Uploading files

To change the upload request form's language, use the Language (globe) button in the top right corner of the form.

  1. Navigate to the upload request URL.
  2. Add files by dragging them to the upload window from your local storage, or use the Click to add files button in the center of the page to select files from local storage. Files can be removed using the Remove (x) button to the right of the filename.
  3. Add attribute data, if applicable. If an attribute field is required, you will not be able to upload until you have entered a value.
  4. When finished, click Upload.

If you want to temporarily pause your upload, you can do so using the Pause button. Similarly, you can cancel an upload or remove completed files from the queue by clicking the X beside the queued file.

Once a file has begun processing, it cannot be paused or canceled.

Editing attributes

Your request form may show data fields in the upload window, known as attributes. These attributes can be used to add descriptive data to assets as they are uploaded to NetX. If an attribute field is denoted with an asterisk, you must enter data there before starting the upload. Attribute field types include:

  • Text: Text fields accept plain-text input. These fields do not have content limits or need specific values unless required by the upload request creator.
  • Text Area: A text input field that displays a larger amount of text, such as a paragraph.
  • Number: Number fields only accept numerical values. Some restrictions may be placed on these fields, such as limiting decimals. 
  • Date: Use the calendar picker to select a date value, or enter it in YYYY-MM-DD format. 
  • Pulldown: A drop-down list that allows only one selection from a pre-populated list of values.
  • Multi-select: A drop-down list that allows multiple selections from a pre-populated list of values.
  • Tag: Select a value from the dropdown or begin typing into the field to add tag values.

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If you have any questions about a request you have been sent, contact the link sender or your NetX administrator.

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