Selecting Assets

To perform most bulk actions across multiple assets, you must select assets and use the Selection bar actions. 

Selecting assets

Assets may be selected by:

  • Using the button where it appears over an asset's thumbnailor on its detail page
  • Dragging the cursor across a gallery. 
  • Selecting all assets in a gallery using its header action menu, and choosing Add all to selection.


The selection bar

Note that the actions presented in the overflow menu of the selection bar will be determined by the current user's user level. Details regarding which actions are available for each user level, see our documentation.

From left to right:

  • The X button will clear your selection. Remember to click this after performing an action if you want to create a new selection.
  • A count of currently selected assets.
  • View all navigates you to a gallery of the selected assets.
  • Download will download all selected assets to your local storage location.
  • Collect begins a collection action.
  • Share initiates a share action.
  • The action menu.

Action menu


Top to bottom:

  • Create a PDF with your selection.
  • Edit attributes will open the grid editor, where you can granularly edit the attributes for the selection.
  • Set an expiration date for the selection's assets.
  • Export your selection's attributes.
  • Find/Replace will allow you to replace text attribute values across your selection.
  • Organize will allow you to move or add assets to a new folder location, or remove them from a folder they already exist in. 
  • Resync will resync the assets in the selection. 
  • Create or remove any relationships which may exist between the selected assets.
  • Repurpose the selected assets; note that manual repurposing will not be available from a selection, and asset types must be repurposed individually – e.g. audio files being repurposed separately from image files in the selection.
  • Create a review, or add the selected assets to a new review. Note that only image assets may be used in reviews.
  • Set the selected asset's visibility for non-administrator users; if they are set to invisible non-administrators will not be able to view the assets in any context. 
  • Delete the entire selection. This cannot be undone.


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