Health Check Endpoint

On-premise administrators can configure a health check endpoint in NetX to observe the status of their on-premise instances. When the endpoint receives a request, NetX will attempt to test the following components:

  • Tomcat
  • Database (SQL Server/MySQL)
  • Solr
  • Redis (if enabled)

A healthy system will return an HTTP status code of 200 Ok. If one or more services fail the check, the endpoint will return an HTTP status code of 500 Internal Server Error and log a warning of all services and their current states to exogen.log. An example log entry is shown below:

2023-10-10 12:39:55,542	ERROR	http-nio-9000-exec-1	HealthCheckResource	performHealthCheck	Unhealthy: ({"domain":"","status":false,"checks":{"tomcat":true,"mysql":true,"solr":false,"redis":true}})

Enabling the endpoint

By default, the health check endpoint is disabled. To enable it, create a token using the property below:

Property Description

Set the value of this property to a unique string of your choice. We recommend generating a v4 UUID. For example:


If the value of the property is empty, or not set, the health check endpoint will be disabled.

Value options: UUID

Requires restart? No

After the token is configured, the endpoint will be reachable at the following URL:


For example:

Status codes

The following HTTP status codes can be returned from the endpoint in certain contexts:

Status code Description
200 Ok

All NetX services are responding to the health check.

401 Unauthorized

The token listed in the URL does not match the value of the healthCheck.token property, or the URL is invalid.

404 Not Found

The healthCheck.token property is not configured or has an empty/invalid value.

500 Internal Server Error

One or more NetX services have failed the health check. Check the exogen.log for more details.


Securing your endpoint

NetX does not throttle requests to the health check endpoint. We recommend that you secure network traffic to prevent unauthorized access.



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