Custom Actions

Developers can define a custom action that sends selection data to a remote endpoint when a user manually launches the action from a selection menu.

Managing custom actions

Creating a custom action

  1. Log on to NetX as an administrator, and navigate to System > Integrations > API > Custom actions.
  2. Use Add custom action button to create a new custom action.
  3. Enter a Label for your custom action. This label will be displayed in the selection action menu. We recommend using a 1-2 word directive phrase to indicate the action the user will take.
  4. In the Endpoint URL field, enter the address where the custom action payload will be sent. HTTPS is required for all endpoints. If the URL contains one or more special characters, it must be percent-encoded.
  5. If you want the custom action to launch an external website in a new browser tab, enter the address in the Target URL field. This is optional.
  6. By default, all users will see your custom action. To remove the Everyone group and restrict the action to certain groups, type your group(s) into the Add group field.
  7. If your endpoint is ready and you'd like to enable the custom action, leave the Enable box checked.
  8. Click the Create button to continue. You will be prompted with a Secret, this is an optional security token that you can use to verify that NetX is the sender. If you'd like to use the secret, copy it and store it safely; it will not be shown again.
  9. If you like, you can use the Test button to send a test payload to the endpoint.
  10. Click Done to finish creating the custom action.

Editing a custom action

To edit or delete a custom action, click the action's row in the table, or click the action menu on the row and select Edit or Delete.

Disabling a custom action

If you'd prefer to temporarily disable the custom action, use the Status toggle shown on the Custom actions page or edit the action and uncheck the Enabled box.

Launching a custom action


To launch a custom action, select assets and click the selection action menu or right-click on a selected asset in the gallery to access its context menu. The custom action's label will be displayed; click it to launch the action. Note: only users that are members of the group listed in the custom action's Access setting will see the action.

Errors and troubleshooting


When NetX delivers a custom action payload to the endpoint, it is considered successful if the endpoint replies with a 2xx status code within 5 seconds. If any other response code is received, or no response within 5 seconds, the user will be notified that the action failed.

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